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Our Services

Test Tubes

Laboratory Assessment

I use diagnostic testing to help understand the core imbalances occurring for an individual when my clinical experience does not clearly provide all of the answers. 

I work with specialized laboratories to better understand your gastrointestinal function, nutritional status, hormone status, inflammation and immune function, the possible presence of toxins, food sensitivities, and labs that specialize in cardiovascular and diabetes assessments. 

These tests help identify patterns and guide me in choosing the best therapies. Specialty lab testing relies upon different sample types (stool, urine, saliva, blood) that can generally be collected at home and sent directly to the laboratory. If blood samples are needed, I work with local blood drawing stations or have a mobile phlebotomist come to your home. 


For standard labs, we send you either to a Quest Laboratory draw center. If you do not have lab benefits on your insurance plan, I also work with Empire City Laboratory, which offers special low cash prices.

Summer Salad

Nutrition & Health Coaching

Nutritionists and Health Coaches are vital parts for the success of the functional medicine process. 


To help you meet your health goals and incorporate your treatment plan effectively and affordably, I recommend and offer health coaching packages with the same coaches I work with for my own personal care. 


These health coaches are certified through the Functional Medicine Coaching Academy.

Herbal Medicine


In addition to recommending dietary changes and other foundational lifestyle factors, nutritional and botanical supplements can be critically important in supporting biochemical/metabolic functioning, immune and hormone regulation, and detoxification. They can also assist with ongoing health maintenance. 


Not all supplements are created equal. Some products are better absorbed and utilized by the body than others. The particular form of a vitamin or mineral or the amount and quality of an herbal supplement can be critical for how they function in the body and what organs and tissues they support. Therefore, getting a supplement from a quality company is vital. 


The supplements I recommend are all from companies that I have confidence meet these qualifications. They are conveniently available to you online through FullScript. I will make specific recommendations stored in your individualized patient portal and email them directly to you. 


You can then order these supplements directly from your home. I offer a 15% discount to every patient I work with to make this more affordable. If you order greater than $50 from FullScript, standard shipping (4-7days) is free. I’ll review your supplements at each visit to ensure you are on only what seems reasonable and adequate.

Online Workshop

Group Classes

Group classes allow me to combine clinical care and health education. Groups are also helpful to connect, support, and work together towards similar goals. 


These group classes focus on educating a small group of patients on a particular health topic. I cover various topics, including ketogenic and elimination diets, fasting protocols, and detoxification programs. 


While I hope to do onsite programs in the future, these programs are currently delivered online. 

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